Missile shield: Obama's foreign and defence policies

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Analysis: Is Barack Obama right to scrap missile defence shield

18 September 2009

Barack Obama has shown bold global leadership by withdrawing George W Bush's provocative defence shield.

Bush wanted to reignite the Cold War by stationing US missiles on the doorstep of nervous, nationalist Russia.

Obama has sent out clear messages. He is unclenching his fist and inviting Iran to pull back from the ayatollahs' quest for a Jihadi nuclear weapon.

To Russian strongman Vladimir Putin he's saying: "I hear you." Russia should respond to this unilateral disarmament and make it clear that its neighbours can play a full part in Europe.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband has consistently argued for a new relationship with Russia.

The problem for Britain is that David Cameron is turning his back on Europe just at a time when
Barack Obama is thinking constructively.